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Appropriately dressed for the hunt and not for the wall, each shotgun sports non-reflective black matte metalwork and a no-frills laminate stock and fore-end. Both the and gauge models are offered with your choice of a or inch vent-rib barrel with a Modified Rem Choke and single bead sight.

In fact, the Model has been the standard for slide-action performance for almost 60 years. Authentic Coach designer multi-color patchwork handbag with zip top closure and two zip close side pockets. This purse has double strap handles and a leather bottom. The inside is lined with beige fabric featuring the Coach signature optic pattern. The bag is in new condition, straps are still wrapped in plastic. Measures 10" tall x 16" wide.

Consignor states this is a genuine Coach bag. Colt Model New Agent in. The Mustang is perfect for concealed carry. New in box with papers and lock. Small, lightweight, accurate and reliable with a snag free design trench sight, the New Agent is able to withstand everyday wear and frequent practice sessions without the need for extensive maintenance.

Firearm, carry conceal, women, small, lightweight, 45ACP,. Featuring a large green colored turquoise stone. Band is accented with bead and twisted rope metal-work designs. Howa Model in. The M, while being comparatively low priced next to other overseas models, has been judged to have all the delicacy and robustness one would expect from Japanese engineering. The features a unique floor magazine and comes equipped with an over-molded Hogue stock, a free-floating barrel for optimal accuracy, and a non-slip Cobblestone grip that helps reduce shooting fatigue while ensuring a proper grip in all weather conditions.

Firearm, Hunting, Win, Winchester,. Each coin is individually slabbed to protect their uncirculated condition. There are 56 coins in the lot. Coins come in a nice cloth bag from the US Commemorative Gallery. A vintage crystal centerpiece bowl from world famous company, "Murano. The edges are made in such a way to resemble a cresting wave, with uneven surfaces at points and angles. In great condition, with small felt dots attached on the bottom for the express purpose of being able to place it on a variety of surfaces without fear of any scratching. No hallmarks, or markings of brand, but seller posits it is Murano.

Necklace has lovely cut-out designs and has a gorgeous large sawtooth set turquoise stone pendant. Necklace is completed by link style chain, measures approximately: Two pair of vintage salt and pepper shakers 4 items total from mid-century New York manufacturer, " T. These beauties are in excellent condition, with a relatively low amount of tarnish on each, and simply in need of a polish to shine with its former glory!

Each cut crystal spice shaker has criss-cross pattern etching on top of a sterling footed base! The bottom of each base has the following verbiage, " Hawkes Sterling 12 P. They translate roughly the same. Mixed lot of vintage bottle stoppers and decorative bar ware. Stoppers could be used for wine or liquor, olive oil, cruet bottles, decanters and more.

These items appear to be Italian made by the ANRI Company but they have no markings or the markings are indistinguishable. They pop out from the waist up. One is a bottle opener and th man with wire rim glasses is a bottle stopper. Fantastic detail in the facial features of these characters. Good condition, the bottle opener has some rust. Cork is broken but could possibly be replaced. Bottom of cork is broken off. Intdes, kitchen, household See additional corks in lot A lovely grouping a scarce date Morgan Silver Dollars; each coin is There is a total of A wonderful mixed lot of vintage pewter and tin items: Rims have some slight bends but there are no major dents or dings.

Item has a couple of small dings and has been monogrammed "ALM". Measures just over 4" tall x 1. Vaughan - Taunton, Mass - Pewter". They both have a dark patina but are free of dents and dings. Felt is stamped with the Americana Pewter hallmark. Bottom is incised, "Gero-Tin". Bottom is incised "Benedict Pewter - ". Measures 2" tall x 5" diameter.

Featuring polished coral and turquoise stone. Ring is accented with twisted rope, leaf and other detailed metal-work designs. The new obverse was designed by Christian Gobrecht and is known as the "Liberty Head or "Coronet head". The reverse design remained largely the same, although the value was changed from "5 D. For those struck at the Philadelphia Mint, there was no longer any silver in the coin; its composition was now. However, gold ore used at the southern branch mints of Charlotte and Dahlonega had a high natural silver content, and many of these coins contained up to five percent silver.

Its weight was virtually the same, 8. This design was used for nearly 70 years, from to , with a modest change in , when "In God We Trust" was placed on the reverse above the eagle. It holds the distinction of being the only coin of a single design to be minted at seven U. A fantastic lot of 3 vintage Precious Moments figurines made by Enesco. All items are free of chips, cracks and breaks. Figurine has an incised cross on the bottom indicating it was made in Comes with the original box.

Marked with an incised fish symbol. Incised on bottom with a star mark indicating she was made in The weapon is inoperable as the pump will not cycle a shell. This is a very attractive medallion from the University of South Carolina Gamecocks that is 1 troy ounce of. Medallion comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is stored in a lovely black felt display case. Beautiful sterling silver necklace with contemporary style design.

Wheat style chain has hidden style clasp. Necklace featuring a slide style pendant accented with scroll metal-work designs. A vintage limited edition print, signed by the artist, and framed for preservation! This beautiful work of art features one of the more popular Saints, St. It is a limited edition print, pencil signed by the artist, "John A. It is also embossed with a stamp, in the lower left corner, which reads, " Collegium Sancti Fransisci Lauren In Pennsylvania This scarce date slabbed S Peace Silver Dollar is Designed by Anthony de Francisci, the coin was the result of a competition to find designs emblematic of peace.

Its reverse depicts a bald eagle at rest clutching an olive branch, with the legend "Peace". It was the last United States dollar coin to be struck for circulation in silver. With the passage of the Pittman Act in , the United States Mint was required to strike millions of silver dollars, and began to do so in , using the Morgan dollar design. Numismatists began to lobby the Mint to issue a coin that memorialized the peace following World War I. There are 2 rd. Ammunition appears to be new in factory sealed boxes. Gun, handgun, pistol, target, range, hunting, 22LR,.

The D is the 2nd lowest mintage in the Mercury Dime series. Designed by Adolph Weinman and also referred to as the Winged Liberty Head dime, it gained its common name as the obverse depiction of a young Liberty, identifiable by her winged Phrygian cap, was confused with the Roman god Mercury.

Weinman is believed to have used Elsie Stevens, the wife of lawyer and poet Wallace Stevens, as a model. The coin's reverse depicts a fasces symbolizing unity and strength, and an olive branch, signifying peace. Featuring pressed flower patterns on one side and solid silver on the other. Beads in graduated design and are strung on metal chain. A mixed group of beautiful, and unique vintage glassware pieces!

Included in this lot are: This unique and beautiful piece features crafted porcelain, in the shape of a tub, with hand painted gold gilt spanning the rim, and sporadic detail of purple iris flowers. Excellent condition with no chips or cracks. Stamped with "Leneige" and their company hallmark on the bottom of the piece. This particular bovine glass effigy isn't necessarily one of the more recognized depression glass patterns, but it looks somewhat similar to "Miss America. It features a smaller, more compressed version of the pattern that is on the other vase, similar to "Miss America," but not identical.

The top has a spiraled floral medallion in a standard triangle formation 3 even sides. Excellent condition, and sure to make a statement! Other features include easy-camming bolt, recessed muzzle crown, and black rubber recoil pad. A recessed muzzle crown offers protection, and rubber pads reduce felt recoil. The side-lever safety is conveniently located for easy access, and an integral synthetic trigger guard allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

The stainless steel slide and barrel are CNC machined from solid bar stock for precise tolerances. With loaded magazines, each of these handguns weighs less than one pound. They both measure 5. The minimal weight and length of these guns, combined with the short single action trigger, grip designs, frame designs and firing pin safety block make these firearms ideal for personal protection.

Firearm, carry conceal, women, small, lightweight, ACP,. A vintage children's toy, from classic toy manufacturer, "Kenner's! Essentially a reel to reel overhead projector, this little unit puts an image onto lighter surfaces. By advancing through the slides, a chronological "show" is created, like an electric comic strip! This particular version, however, is the much coveted Model and features such strips as Superman, Stooges, Magoo, Secret Squirrel, Boozo, Popeye, and more!

While the person advances the full color photo strip from left to right through the projector, the images are cast, up to 25 square feet to reveal the "show. The box itself features pictures of the characters of the strips inside, as well as promotional advertising material like a "stamp" which posits that the toy was " Commended by ' Parents Magazine '. The strips are in good used vintage condition. A large apothecary style clear glass container with lid filled with a sand and seashell display. Seashells include a couple of sand dollars, an oyster or clam shell half, small conch shells and a sea anemone shell.

Perfect for a beach cabin or nautical display! Measures 27" tall x 9" in diameter. Intdes, ocean See another apothecary jar shell display in lot Set is in its original US Mint cardboard envelope. This compact pistol makes a great concealed carry gun and is very easy to carry. GLOCK was the first manufacturer to make this popular and effective round accessible for law enforcement agencies. Today, police agencies across the U. Gorgeous vintage Gorham sterling silver flatware service pieces with the "English Gadroon" pattern: Sterl Z67 38 - The Mint hoped to obtain a new coinage design in by sponsoring a contest to replace the Seated Liberty theme.

Barber coinage began circulating in The half dollar and quarter dollar share the same reverse, dominated by a large eagle and shield. The dime reverse features a wreath encircling the words "One Dime". The last of the Barber coins were released in , though the final year of half dollar production was The Barber half dollar was produced during the year that the "unsinkable" Titanic slammed into an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage, drowning 1, of 2, passengers and crew.

Starting with our own hammer-forged -not cast - ordnance grade steel frames, slides and barrels, we machine each and every part to tolerance levels that surpass even today's industry standards. Then they mark the slide, barrel and frame with matching serial numbers. Available in the powerful. The Taurus is an unbeatable gun that is also an unbeatable value. Firearm, , Collectible, 45ACP,. A beautiful, vintage, and unique, hand made piece of Native American Indian pottery! This unique piece, was made by Southwestern Artist, Cristina Ochoa!

It features a natural beige clay background, with alternating brown clay "wisps" floating up towards the opening in the bowl, which itself, has an added, embellished clay ring wrapping its circumference. All parts are lightly glazed for preservation. In near mint condition, with virtually no scrapes, cracks, or chips. Incised signature on bottom reads, " Cristina Ochoa. It was struck for circulation from until The antique sterling silver flatware in this lot features the Chantilly pattern and was patented by Gorham Silversmiths in One of the most famous of Gorham's flatware patterns, it was chosen by the George W.

Bush family for use on Air Force One. Features an elegant Repousse scroll design. The set is in superb condition with normal light wear and almost no tarnish. Two 8-piece place settings included: Sterl, , tableware, silverware To add to your set see lot s 43, , and A beautiful, and barely worn men's wristwatch from world renowned watch maker, "Bulova. Features stylized shapes representing the time integers, and a small date window.

It's serial number is: Featuring polished red coral and large turquoise stones. Possibly done by the same potter. Archaeologists sometimes refer to the unique set of material culture remains as "Anasazi", although the term is not preferred by contemporary Pueblo peoples and often loosely used as a name for the occupants.

Pottery ceramics is one of the more useful tools that archaeologists have at their disposal to date or interpret sites in the Four Corners region. A very durable material, pottery can provide information on changing cultural patterns, occupation dates and trade networks. Features blued steel finish on barrel and receiver, wood stock and forearm, 30" barrel with full choke, 46" overall length, serrated hammer, metal bead front sight, and hard rubber butt-plate. A very nice shotgun for game or just to have around to add to your collection of shotguns.

Some of the finish has worn off the receiver and some on the barrel, the wood is in good shape with little scratching. Always popular, these should be collected along with the U. Designed by Charles Barber and struck at San Francisco, without a mintmark. Hawaii's first coins were issued in The coins proved to be unpopular due to the poor quality image of the king. Although it is claimed the denomination was misspelled hapa haneri instead of hapa haneli , the spelling "Hapa Haneri" was correct until the end the 19th century. In , silver coins were issued in denominations of one dime umi keneta in Hawaiian , quarter dollar hapaha , half dollar hapalua and one dollar akahi dala.

The vast majority of these coins were struck to the same specifications as current US coins by the San Francisco Mint. Tiny quantities 26 of each denomination of proof examples were minted by the Philadelphia Mint for presentation purposes. Hawaiian coins continued to circulate for several years after the annexation to the United States. In , an act of Congress demonetized Hawaiian coins, and most were withdrawn and melted, with a sizable percentage of surviving examples made into jewelry. Antique Fenton "Captive Rose" pattern on an exquisite iridescent amethyst carnival glass bowl.

The bowl has a 3-in-1 pattern crimped edge. Excellent condition with no chips, cracks or breaks. Featuring vibrant blue turquoise stones in shadow box setting. Earrings are accented with pierced lines. Each set contains 1 Franklin Silver Half Dollar Made in the U. Used in Original box. For the Model 36, they sought to design a weapon that could fire the more powerful. What's old is new again! This lot contains fabulous vintage estate costume jewelry. Face of clock reads, "Lindenwold".

Still fastened to the original sales packaging. Chains are graduated length and center chain has a small locket pendant attached. This scarce date D Peace Silver Dollar is Featuring a row of sawtooth set turquoise stones. This is a beautiful, vintage Iron-handled, smooth surface, Brass Finished, Bucket! Its design fit meaning its look, as opposed to its origin is decidedly Tuscan, or Moroccan, but would fit well in any interior design motif, or garden area.

While it is in good structural, and physical condition, there are some spots of oxidation on the interior. Can be hung using the attached bar handle. Could use a light polish, or keep as is for a more industrial, or rustic feel. Add a custom lid for an eclectic cook pot look for your kitchen. No maker's marks or other info.

Other dates include , , , , and one unreadable date. Designed by James B. Longacre, there were decreasing mintages each year, as other minor coins such as the nickel proved more popular. It was abolished by the Mint Act of The economic turmoil of the American Civil War caused government-issued coins, even the non-silver Indian Head cent, to vanish from circulation, hoarded by the public. One means of filling this gap was private token issues, often made of bronze.

The cent at that time was struck of a copper-nickel alloy, the same diameter as the later Lincoln cent, but somewhat thicker. The piece was difficult for the Philadelphia Mint to strike, and Mint officials, as well as the annual Assay Commission, recommended the coin's replacement. Despite opposition from those wishing to keep the metal nickel in the coinage, led by Pennsylvania Congressman Thaddeus Stevens, Congress passed the Coinage Act of , authorizing bronze cents and two-cent pieces. Although initially popular in the absence of other federal coinage, the two-cent piece's place in circulation was usurped by other non-precious metal coins which Congress subsequently authorized, the three-cent piece and the nickel.

It was abolished in ; large quantities were redeemed by the government and melted. Nevertheless, two-cent pieces remain inexpensive by the standards of 19th-century American coinage. Firearm, Hunting, Guide, Hi-power, ,. Scarce P Peace Silver Dollar is Stone is etched with Old English style lettering, possibly an "M" or "W". To see matching piece go to lot A large grouping of vintage, and potentially hard to find old children's books! These aren't your Little Golden Books, however.

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From the Merrill Publishing Co. It does have some of its pages colored, however many were left completely alone! What is somewhat interesting, and unique as well about this book, is some of the legal verbiage on the title page. A very telling, and choice wording very much depicts the mid-century international Power Country that the United States was. The verbiage reads as follows, " Imperial and International Copyright Secured. Very interesting how Different from the Disney version. In decent vintage condition, it does have some of its pages colored, however, many are still fresh!

All of the verbiage is still legible. Bush and Florence Reid Bush, 4th edition. This book features somewhat nebulous instructions on different types of artistry, and includes sample pages for practice. This book is nearly considered antique however, because of its publish date So, a near year old book on artistry. Better still, it is in great vintage condition! It depicts the outside-in viewpoint of life inside a tribe.

A fantastic lot for a game room or man cave! Each appears to be in good condition. Each measures 57" long. Lot contains 4 cues; 18 oz. See more cue sticks in lot This is a nice grouping of 5 Rifle Scopes, as well as a variety of dust cover scope accessories. Gun, hunting, camping, sport, hiking, bird watching, optics, sight, bino, binos, sights, scope, binoculars ZC 63 SWW.

A fantastic mixed lot featuring a collection of vintage estate costume jewelry. Exquisite 14kt white gold cocktail ring featuring a large prong set blue sapphire surrounded by several round diamonds. Included Western Gemological Laboratory Appraisal report reads: Condition is very good. Identified with markings of "14k". One prong set oval modified brilliant cut natural blue sapphire, measuring 8. Ninety-two prong set round brilliant cut diamonds, measuring 1. Clarity of I-1 to I-2, color of I-K, cut is good Furthermore, manufacturing copper flans had always been a problem, and nearly all the planchets used for copper coinage came from the Boulton factory in England.

By the fall of , the Mint had run out of planchets, and the embargo during the War of effectively stopped all shipments of the needed copper from England, halting production of the half cent for years. Coinage ceased until , when another large order was received from the merchant Washington Cilley. Apparently, the extremely rare restrike was made with dies obtained from the Mint as scrap metal by famed 19th century collector Joseph J.

Altogether, between and proofs were made, most of which are restrikes. A lovely set of vintage stoneware items. This is an older piece and has some crazing. Measures 4" tall x 7" diameter. Bottom is embossed, "Made n USA". Measures 3" tall x 8" diameter. There are several tiny surface chips but it displays well. Measures 7" tall x 5. Ammunition is new in factory sealed boxes. The Philadelphia Mint produced all large cents, which contained twice the copper of the half cent.

This made the coins bulky and heavy, bigger than modern-day U. Lovely set of two 14kt yellow gold rings, unique stackable design and shape, can be worn several ways! Marked "14k", ring sizes: Figurine has an incised fish symbol indicating it was made in An early spring tulip or crocus is poking its head out of the snow covered ground at her feet. Marked with an incised cedar tree, produced in Incised on bottom with a fish symbol indicating it was made in Each Silver Quarter is composed of 6.

Each Set is in its original US Mint cardboard envelope. Brighten up any room with these lovely pieces of Talavera style Spanish pottery. Each appears to be hand painted. The vase and pitcher are both signed on the bottom, "Made In Spain". Items are free of cracks, chips and breaks. Hairline stress crack on interior does not effect display. Painted on one side with a bunch of grapes and two pears on the opposite side. Measures 4" tall x 5. Very rare date and Consignor graded as "Gem Brilliant Uncirculated" condition. All pieces unmarked, total weight: Springfield Model XDs in.

Metal parts on each gun are forged and machined from billet with utmost precision. Fully hammer-forged barrels enhance accuracy. Corrosion-resistant finishes are either super-hard black Melonite or classic bead-blasted stainless steel. The Ultra Safety Assurance Action Trigger System guard against accidental discharge by locking the trigger in place until direct rearward pressure is applied.

Loaded-chamber indicator allows the shooter to verify without a doubt, visually or by touch, that there is a round in the chamber. Grip safety allows firing only when the shooter has a firm grip on the pistol. A more pronounced texture on the XD-S ensures your grip is always secure.

A single-position Picatinny rail readily accepts lights, lasers or other pistol accessories. It is one of the only polymer pistols of this size with this feature. The XD-S trigger has a short travel along with a short reset, which keeps you on target with greater ease for quicker, more accurate follow-up shots. The low-profile rear sight is holster friendly.

Fiber-optic front sight promotes easier and faster target acquisition. Customize your grip with two interchangeable backstraps. Surface is worn and it has a crack that has been repaired. The buff color olla is decorated with a brown geometric slip design. Shows some surface wear and the bottom while still intact is missing a piece. Measures 5" tall x 4. This semi-double action Ruger pistol has a black polymer checkered grip frame, 3. Also features high visibility adjustable 3 Dot Sight System, interchangeable rubberized grips, and a Picatinny rail for a light or laser.

Pistol is new in original box with magazine loader, documents and lock. Packed with versatile features, the SR22 is lightweight just It is easy to field strip, fun to shoot, and will run reliably with a wide variety of ammunition not just high-velocity ammunition. Very good condition with minor surface wear.

Featuring a vibrant blue turquoise stone on the pendant. Squash style beads are strung on chain. This is the perfect lot for the beginner collector! A Giant grab bag lot of assorted coins, replicas, sets and more. The Henry Lever Action rifle features an extremely attractive American walnut stock, the quality of which can only be found on guns three times the price. The action is exceptionally smooth, so smooth many first timers remark that they cannot believe the rifle has any internal parts.

You simply have to get one into your own two hands and cycle the action a few times to see for yourself. The Henry Lever Carbine. It has a compact overall length of 34? The Henry Lever Action also features side ejection, an adjustable rear sight, a hooded front sight and a grooved receiver for mounting a scope. The blued steel barrel is machined with state of the art multiple groove rifling.

The result is a highly accurate shooter. The easy to load tubular magazine can handle 15 rounds of. Firearm, target, plinking, varmint, camping, hunting, 22LR,. An original oil on canvas featuring 4 curly headed children in synchronized harmony on their two-wheeled scooters. Signed in right corner, "J.

Wood frame is painted gold. Measures 22" tall x His style of color and balance of characters in his paintings reflects a wide range of styles, ranging from musical statements of children learning to play instruments, to sports, involving children at play with polo and football, allowing his audience to capture a pure moment of innocence and celebration of being a child.

Intdes, art, artwork See additional artwork by Roybal in lot A fantastic pair of taxidermy stuffed owls in a glass trophy display case. Possible species are barn owl, barred owl, or short eared owl. Both owls are perched on a wooden branch. The glass and wood case appears to be hand crafted. The owls appear to be in very good condition, the case shows some wear but has no broken glass. Mixed vintage ceramic figurines with brand stamps! From "Florence Ceramics", in Pasadena, California, per the incise and stamp on the bottom this character's title is allegedly "Irene.

Cows, in particular the "bull headed" cows farmer joke! The boy is attempting to steer his calf where he wants the bovine creature to go, but it has its hooved-heels dug in, and is not going anywhere, any time soon. Also, check the map for additional layers! Questions or Feedback About i-Scout. Our only motive is to enrich your experience both at the Center and on the web.

We welcome your questions or comments. If you'd like to help support us, please inquire at the Membership Desk. Questions or Feedback Fascinating. We welcome your questions, comments, feedback, or inquiries. Please include a way for us to get back in touch with you such as an e-mail, phone, social media handle, post office box, etc.

Hours, rates, directions, online tickets, and more! Become a member, give a gift, adopt a raptor, buy a raffle ticket! Find souvenirs, fine jewelry, prints, shirts, and more! Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Log in or Create Account. Margin trimmed by hand. Stuffed female tan cloth doll with buckskin dress, leggings and moccasins. Dress has lazy stitch beaded yoke with blue squares towards and border lane at bottom.

Tin cone danglers on bottom sides, print cloth lining. Leggings have lazy stitch bead square design. Moccasins are fully beaded. Horse hair braids with red cloth ties. Bead facial features and earrings. Red painted stripes on face. Beaded belt and knife case. Engraved steel furniture, silver butt plates, barrels gold damascened. One of the most unusual firearms to have been made during the Civil War, this rifle's hammer is sculpted into a portrait bust of President Abraham Lincoln.

The Cody Firearms Museum's collections boast the only known example. Lincoln Head Hammer, designed by Hiram Berdan. It is a first type, manufactured from to About were produced. It was the first U. This model was used in the War of This gun is one of two known specimens dated "".

The other is in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. Model Rifle Type I. While fear will always be present my Angels will be there too. It brought tears of happiness and gratitude to my eyes and I felt so blessed? I have been contemplating a career change which already feels right in my heart. A crow has been following me around. Not sure what it means. I lost my father a few years ago and he said he would come back as a hawk, could it be him as a crow?

I read it means Angels are near. I have been suffering with Chronic Lyme Disease for many years. And I found a big gray- blackish feather today just when I was expecting a sign … Thanks to the universe, Angels and the light. Found two groups of three small brownish grey Feathers on my kitchen floor this am. Today marks the first year of my best friends Daughters death from a drug overdose.

I was dreading today. However today was the most unusual and funny place… I was talking to an older gentleman and a tiny small white feather was stuck to his right side of his chin and was moving as he was talking.. The Universe finds ways to amuse us! Since my mum passed 26 april I find a few white feathers and i also found a blue one a black one i even found a purple one. Then when I woke up this morning there was a tiny brown and gray feather on my pillow.

Feeling so angry an stressed today an looked down in my garden an found huge Brown an white feather. I found a perfect blue feather, but not sure what I need to be aware of, but I loved the gift! I usually just leave them where they are… Some people like to collect them and turn them into dream catchers or other decorations. I also found some other branches and picked them up. As I walked back I saw a feather then I saw another feather, and another….. I walked around the yard and I counted 7 feathers.

So felt I was being blessed and maybe something I was praying for might get answered. What are your thoughts. My husband of 19 years died by suicide 3 months ago. For weeks now I keep finding white feathers.

Angel Feathers… What Finding Feathers Really Means

This is set on a bush walk. Whilst reminiscing of the good old days of how my friends and I loved hanging out there, and just loving being in the open. As I was staring at a pipe we used to use to cross the creek and stood wondering how much everything had grown around it, a small black, blue and white feather floated down in front of me.

I felt lucky, peaceful and excited at the same time. I have had about 17 or so feathers left in my bedroom and car and bag over the last 12 months, I am going through a court case with my grandchildren and they always appear when ive been court, or had a social worker at my home, put some of them seem damaged or feather missing. Just wounded if this means anything.

I was at work today in mid conversation with a colleague when a tiny white feather came down from no where and landed on my desk. I brushed it off as nothing but realised no windows were open. But I am concerned about going to London this weekend due to these terror attacks. Anyone have any thoughts on this? This has never happened to me before.

I was sitting on my couch at home and a white feather was floating and landed on my table it was small but it was a feather. I found two colored feathers in my dream state the first one I found was orange my second one was light blue same dream. My Nephew was in a motorcylcle accident. I found a feather directly placed under my clothes i am going to wear after my shower today. It is soft white, soft brown and a little black. No way we had a feather like that anywhere in the house. I found a peacock feather on my doorstep. House is in a built up area. What does this mean pls.

When she took her last breath, my world ended. I have been struggling since her death. About 3 days ago I noticed a white feather floating down in the backyard. I just instantly knew that is was her telling me to be at peace because she was fine and without pain. I just lost my Mom in October and i went walking with my dog yesterday and saw a big black feather.

I found a small feather on my pillow this morning. Its a very small off white with brown stripe down center. My friend said I had a visitor last night. I had never heard this before. My son died 11 years ago this month and last night I cried about losing him. I had a dream about my deceased Grandmother last night. I found a small white feather right in the centre of the front passenger seat of my car.

I totally wondered where it could have come from since all the windows and doors were closed. After much thought I remembered that the last person who was sitting there was my wife, we were at a park and she was sitting on the grass, so I took it that she might have picked it from there. Iam going through spiritual challenges at the moment in that I think Iam not living as Heavenly Father expects me to. Do you think there is any significant meaning to this feather?

What could it be, if there is? I went outside today and was very teary looking at her jogger and noticing cob webs forming around the wheels as we obviously went using it anymore. So purpose like that I asked anyone in the household if they had done it. I then looked up this web sight. Feeling so comforted now…. Yesterday I had my very beloved dog, Scruffy euthanized in my home, as he was old and sick.

I loved his little spirit and am devastated over the loss. I just wanted to know that he was at peace. So hours later I went outside and sat by my pond where I spent much time with Scruffy. I was crying and again telling him I was hoping he was at peace and could play in heaven. Just then I noticed a feather rustling in front of me as the wind blew…. I instantly knew it was a sign and immediately looked up its meaning.

I immediately was filled with a sense of peace. Thank you for further clarifying here the meaning of feathers. I will now be more aware and look for them…. I have so many feather stories to share sometime I think I could write a book… i started finding feathers or noticed it more in after the murder of my aunt and uncle tragically.. This morning I found a brown mottled feather on top of my bed, I lost my dearest most loving best friend last year who was my husband, I miss him desperately but was lifted when I found the feather.

Found white feather on car door handle — Monday morning — best mate died of sudden heart attack following Wednesday pm 01 Feb confused — have a angel pendant on my bracelet which I always wear — can anyone explain. Do believe in angels. Taken the white feather and put in car, will never get rid of it, have to remember when having car cleaned!

My name is Sara Gutierrez. I have a collection of feathers…. I have been blessed with visions from GOD also. I have the feathers they are of a baby bird. I know the Angels are protecting me. And I want the world to know about my visions. Glory be to God I already find and recieved feather…Thank you for sharing symbolic meaning of Feather. I picked up my son from school and we started driving home. We drive along about 10km of dirt road to get home.

You rarely pass another car on this road. Half way down the dirt road I saw something blowing in the wind on the side of the road…I drove for a couple of hundred metres but felt a calling to turn around, go back and look…so I turned around. It was exactly what I thought it was…a peacock feather! My man passed away May 15 th I walked out my door today. To look down and find a small black feather in my door mat.

I came in my house looked online and found this page. I feel so sad I let my angel feather go. I hope I am forgiven for not understanding until now. I feel blessed and I hope I get more. I began to find feathers about 20 years ago. They come to me when I am having a difficult time and I have always felt that it was a sign that I would be alright no matter what happened.

I did think it was a message from my guardian angel even before knowing or reading any of this. My first feather was an eagle feather and I incorporated it into a medicine wheel. Although I often see feathers, only some of them compel me to pick them up and hold and keep them. I have quite a collection of many colored feathers but mostly grey and black ones. I have a black one with white spots, black and yellow, black and red.

I also have a feather tattoo over my heart which to me means I always have my guardian angel with me. Hi Melanie Thankyou for your insight to finding feathers. My father passed away 2 months ago and a friend of mine who is a medium mentioned that my father will show me a white feather to let me know he is around. When my family and I were together for new years eve, I looked over to see the spare couch with a feather on it!!

Since then, they have appeared on my beside table, the chair my dad used to sit on outside at home, and the other day there was one stuck on my nephews back! Last night at a Tennis match, I thought of my dad only to look up and see a white feather floating my way. What a wonderful, magical thing it is to be so connected with our angels!

Hi Melanie, I have admired your workings for sometime. Your askangel cards have been a pillar to me over the past 6 months… thank you xxx. I was in despair this morning, worrying about money, work, and my next move whilst taking a walk — and there it was a white feather, there in front of me. Immediately I thought of you and your ask angel deck. My spiritual awakening path began last year, I dismised signs for years and I waz forced to stop and pay attention by events that unfolded.

I was a passenger in a car accident. So much has changed as a result and Im in a healthy happy relationship, which ive never had. But Im still off work and still facing struggles following on from the accident. I use your angel deck and meditations daily. And have had some amazing feelings of support and self worth as a result. I just feellike my spiritual growth has haulted! I dont have as many vivid dreams, and I dont feel like I have any direction. Ive asked my guides and angels to show me where i need to turn next to harness my gifts to help, myself and others.

I get synchronicities several times daily, so I know Im on the right path, and Im not in a terrible disposition, and im greatful that im healthy and happy and that i have my family etc who I am greatful to for their love and support also. But I just dont know where to go or what to do next. I know im supported, metaphysically and Im confident that my desires will manifest soon. Im just struggling with where to go to next regarding my development?

Ive asked for help with specific things that have worried me and they have been resolved within a matter of hours. I am totally selfless and my progress isnt just to benefit me. Ive been sharing my abilities with people I have met and have got them keenly interested which I thought is what was being asked of me to share the love and light and make the planet a better place for man kind. Any support or advice or angel messages on guidance would be greatly received.

I left a job yesterday that was unhealthy and in some ways toxic. Today, I had to have another encounter with them and it was a very difficult conversation. When I got home I was talking to a friend on the phone and spotted something on the floor in the house. It was a beautiful black feather! I was so surprised. I am forever grateful to the angels for placing these signs in front of me. In October I was sitting outside with my mum just talking and having a cup of tea when all of a sudden something flew right past me and touched my leg when it went past I freaked out at first because alot of insects fly around my house.

It landed in the pool and I had a closer look and realised it was a small white fluffy feather! I definitely think my angels are letting me know I am not alone as these past few years have been extremely lonely and sad for me. I have cried myself to sleep from loneliness so I am so blessed to have a higher power protecting me and making me feel hopeful.

My daughter past away last year Sept in a motor car accident on a Wednesday. Last week Wednesday I found guinea fowl feather in her room on the floor. I kneel every morning next to her bed for prayer. So when I walk in I saw the feather. What is the meaning? All this week I have been wondering if I am pregnant with my 3rd child. A few minutes later, I went to walk back inside and a bright yellow flower was lying on the floor in front of the door.

I started communicating with the angels recently. I have found many feathers since then. I have kept them all and find peace with each one. They show up in unexpected places at appropriate times. I know the angels listen. Even my kids find feathers now and know that angels are near. I found a beautiful brown and white feather on our front door mat last week.

I asked one of my daughters if she found and placed it there. I took it as a sign that everything will be okay soon. My dog group told me I will see a feather and it is a sign she has crossed the rainbow bridge to doggy heaven. Today I just found a grey and white one.

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My heart is broken but I am happy she is at peace. My dad passed away 5 days ago, today my niece who is 3 came In and I noticed she had a small white feather tucked into her coat. When I showed her it she asked who put it there. Made me cry, I knew dad was with us and the fact he put it on Tilly made it even more special. I find feathers everywhere i go. I have drawers and boxes full of feathers.

From the Angels makes more sense. I went to visit by beloved westie Molly today in the chapel of rest before she was cremated. While I stroked her face to say goodbye a white feather appeared and fell on the floor. I have taken such comfort from this to know that my beautiful girl has gone to heaven. Finding feathers is a great feeling for me and yes at times I will find quite a few within my path and alot of them lately are small white fluffy feathers..

I find feathers all time in strange places I put milk in a microwave and as my hand came out a featger was wrapped round my finger also had one stuck in my ring I find so many, also seeing them slight as I get a flash of light in my eye also when I was at my partners a big flash came and was like a camera flash but quick and had a whisper in my ear could not understand it tho.

I lost my first post so I will try again. I was told we could keep an eye on this thru yearly ultra sounds and if it changed take action then. I was shocked by how many! Winter rolled in and I was still thinking and praying as to what to do. The snow melted and I found one lone black crows feather sticking out of the ground! I had the surgery and found it was cancer……it was contained to the thyroid and I am grateful to God and my Angels for their guidance.

Now I bumped into a beautiful lady with an amazing aura, add her on my fb. After talking over messenger, I told her I have one feather not sure the meaning, she told me angel watching me.

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Following week, I went to work crossed another feather. I quickly picked it up because I do believe its a sign and want my angel knows that I know. I keep it in my backpacker the recent one and 16 yrs old feather in my bedroom. My late friend passed away from cancer last year so I think it could be a sign he all ready up in heaven watching down. I also believe meeting this lady like an angel in disguise. No word can describe her aura, she has gentle voice like an angel, look like one as well.

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Due to her privacy I cant name her. Today I found a white feather. I found a black one last week too. Love and light to you. Today I had a white feather appear out of nowhere, as I was sitting , it was on the ground I watched it worked its way towards me, and touch my foot. I put my hand down thinking it would jump in it. I had taken my mum shopping when taking her to the car a black feather floated down on to the back of her head,four days later she passed away. Thank you Suzanne monty. I became annoyed recently finding white feathers while cleaning the house all over the place, then one weekend when my baby was with me, he presented me with a beautiful white fluffy feather which made me think and as I watched him in awe of it I had to find out the significance which led me to stumble onto this page which is AMAZING, thank you for opening my eyes, I have felt so alone for so long and its so reassuring to know my angels are with me and that maybe the choices ive been struggling with where the right ones.

My Son, a 25 year old, was killed last December, trying to defend his friend in a brazen rubbery attempt. He was an organ donor, and 7 people received his organs, some were in their final stage of sickness. My wife started seeing him with wings few days later. I can feel his presence as a wave of cold breeze air shaking me. My wife says it is caused by his wings when he goes by me. I can debate this could be some sort of imagination, but due to the dozens of beautiful white feathers he leaves behind when he is around, as a physical evidence, I believe God rewarded him for the noble things he has done in his lifetime.

I never see signs let alone feathers. Tonight after dropping off my son at the gym I found 2 brownish feathers just laying there on my welcome mat right outside my front door. I immediately remembered hearing this was a sign. I just wish I knew more. My husband recently passed away, his death was sudden, suicide. I recently was on a trip and a woman who said she was a light worker made herself known to me. The light worker proceeded to tell me that we entertain angels unknowingly all the time. I returned from my trip and visited a friend.

My friend has a farm and I went to visit with her horses, I looked down and there on the ground was a brown and white feather. The feather means that I am grounded and the spirit and flesh realms are balanced for me. The light worker I met told me this very thing, I suppose my Angel just wanted to validate that for me. I have been going through a tough time this year. This has been the worst year of my life dealing with my partner of 12 years I found out early February that he was cheating on me with women he met online. He was living a double life and met a woman.

They are still together. He treats me horribly and is very angry with me, yet he was the one that cheated and left his family. Anyways, my point is this has been a life changing experience for me and I have been horribly hurt. Before this all started I would see the spirit numbers everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I keep praying for more signs that everything will work out. Tonight, my 3 year old turned over her blankie and a small white feather fell out. She does not have any toys with white feathers. I took the feather and held it and cried.

I asked that everything will turn out ok for us and that I wish this whole mess will end soon. Only after the first time in my life after many hardships I finally asked for help. Then as I knew it was them I thanked them and asked for another type of sign. The next day I was walking dogs in an open field under a wide blue sky and a white feather floated down in front of my foot. My dog even looked up and stared at the sky but I could see nothing.

Since then, every time I ask they give me another feather. They are funny too! Lots of change being found by doors and windows. After years of no change anywhere. The best was waking up to find a tiny sticker stuck to my stomach in the morning after sleeping under my shirt? We use them to untie, untangle, move energy in magic.. Native American Chiefs wear them as symbols of battles won, coup counted and of their Totem Spirit Helpers. My son found a golden metal feather and gave it to me but it turned out that it belonged to my daughter who found it herself.

Then in the same day my husband came home and gave me silver metal feathers. Not sure what the silver and gold represent. I was walking on our street and was thinking things about my life and suddenly a small white feather fell right in front me as if it was really destined for me to catch it. It sent shivers down my spine when I got it all, I then spoke to my angel and thanked everything for what I have and what I am today. Keeping my small white feather with me forever. I now officially believe in Angels! When I woke up this morning, there was a brown feather lying next to my face on my pillow.

I have nothing in my home with feathers and my door was closed. I was extremely puzzled as to how it got there. This summer I got into an abusive relationship and I had many big black birds cross my path. I noticed them but I did not know their meaning. Then I went on a trip to Europe with my family and found several black feathers on my path, I picked them up and kept them with me thanking the angels. When I came home I ended things with the abuser and found out that the ravens in my path were messages from my spirit guide telling me to get out of that situation and reminding me of my true path.

I have since noticed feathers everywhere, leaving work last night I saw one on the ground and almost go out of my vehicle to pick it up. Tonight agian, I found a gray and white one inside at work. I knew it was a sign so I had to google it and I am thankful for this article and reading everyones comments. So much so, that I was inclined to perform a Google search which resulted in this site. About five minutes ago, I walked out of my interior entrance apartment to find a small black feather perfectly centered on my welcome mat. I leave my apartment to go to work and when I get to my car, I see about 5 white feathers.

I think about 2 I found that was grey and white. So Thank you as well. I found the most beautiful feather outside my house today! It caught my eye, and I could not ignore it or leave it on the ground. On one side it is all black. On the other side it is a beautfil blue with black stripes. I thank my angels for their presence! Earlier this afternoon, I was about to take a nap and I asked my angels for help with some things, especially to hear from my auto insurance company regarding an open claim.

I woke up later to find a small white feather stuck to the shorts I was wearing. As I took the feather over to a light for a better look, my phone rang and it was the insurance company. I have been having pennies and dimes show up for me a lot lately, but this is the first feather. I found the information you provided here to be very helpful. I believe in angels and I know they are always with us. This was a great sign today. Hello I have recently been finding very small white feathers on and near my couch I mostly sit on.

The other day I found the largest of these white feathers 2 inches long in the same area. Today Sept 1st I found at the outside of mall a 10 inch black feather. I have been wondering of the deep meaning as I have been told they are sent by angels. I found a feather on my porch last evening. I had to look twice to be sure what it was because it was ragged looking and not pretty and full. It made me uneasy to find a feather in such poor condition, but it was a feather nonetheless… black, white and gray.

Is there a particular meaning in this? I was driving the kids to school and a beautiful, delicate white feather flew in and sat on my steering wheel. After leaving them at school, I normally drive back home but on an instinct turned to my parents home close by and my mother gave me a piece of her jewellery that she had been waiting to give me for some time as she wanted me to come home to take it. What a beautiful surprise, angels! Please reply a I found hole bunch of gray and feathers at the front door of my apartment. What does it mean.

Came home and a gray feather in front of my door. It was mostly gray color with a little bit of white. I lost my husband two and a half years ago. I have been finding feathers quite a bit: I have never experienced finding feathers until the past 3 weeks. I was doing my clean up in my workplace and on 2 occasions about 3 days apart I found 2 grey feathers in exactly the same spot. The 3rd feather I found a week later it was a white feather, I must say when I found this one I had goosebumps all over my body. I have been finding feathers a lot lately.

I have found white, gray, black, and black and white ones. I realized it had to be messages because some of these I have found have been indoors. Each time I find one now I thank the Angels that leave it for guiding me to it. One time I found a white feather and I picked it up and said thank you to the angel and felt as if someone tapped me on my shoulder, but no one was there.

I came across a beautiful white and orange one earlier this morning, but I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I did not pick it up! There was nothing in there that would have caused it to be there. I picked it up, and kept it.

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I felt it was very lucky. Want to share something with you. Yesterday was a very grumpy day for me. Could not find gratitude. Was so glad to be home. Sat down with my ritual of ice coffee and crossword puzzle. Right in front of me was a little gray feather. An angel was near.. As I started doing my puzzle, one of the answers was Eva!!

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Such a sense of warmth came over me and I was at peace. It means that you are superstitious and believe that objects hold your future in their hands. I am very greatful how many I find a day! Melanie thank you so much for being one of US! My son was killed in After a massive row with my partner of 22years I went to the back door and right there in front of me before I even stepped outside I picked it up and my son told me for the first time I may add..

I am with you mum I am always going to be with you.. I ama medium but have always had trouble with messages from my son.. My son came to me tonight by way of a white feather.. I know this in my heart.. I found these 2 blue feathers with black stripes wedged under my top step recently. Now I can relax knowing my angels are right beside me. A definite divine sign. From past couple of years I am collecting Pennies I found them on my way! For Me I always feel my self near to Angels! Helped and always protected by my Guardian Angel!!! Thank You very much in Advance for your sure expected reply!!!

I have been having a very difficult time I have lost a lot of key people in my life ask for strength and hope everyday found what I think is a Hawks feather have also found a peacock feather at my mailbox during trying times what does this mean. Our loving dog Choc died 3 weeks ago. After just a week I was walking her brother and out other dog and as we came back to the house I looked down and there was a Gray feather. I just knew it was from her. Then the second week I was having a rather difficult day and I was walking back from the mail box.