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They had made their appearance in the same box at the Opera, in the same coach at the Bois de Boulogne, they had finished their visits; and the fashion of the times exempted them from loving or even meeting each other. Alcina, for that was the young lady's name, was sprightly and pretty. The Sultan's court had few women more amiable, and not one of a gayer disposition. One of the Sultan's Emirs had filled his head with her.

He was not left in ignorance of what the chronicle had published concerning Alcina: Alcina swore, that it was pure calumny invented by some coxcombs, who would have been silent, if they had had any reason for talking; but however, that there was no harm done, and that he was at full liberty to believe it or not, as he thought proper. This answer, delivered with an air of confidence, convinced the amorous Emir of his mistress's innocence.

He closed the affair, and assumed the title of Alcina's husband with all its prerogatives. The Sultan levelled his ring at her. A loud burst of laughter, which seized Alcina at some comical saying of her husband, was suddenly cut short by the operation of the ring; and immediately a murmuring noise was heard under her petticoats.

Truly I am glad on't. Nothing like having a rank. If my first advices had been heeded, I should have been provided with something better than an Emir: This movement made a great noise. What profusion of myrtle water!

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Another fortnight of this regimen would have demolished me. I had disappear'd, and the Emir might have sought lodgings elsewhere, or have shipped me off for the island Jonquille. She guarded against the worst, and I was treated for the great lord as for his little page. The Toy was on the point of continuing its extravagant harangue, when the Sultan, observing that this strange scene shock'd the modest Manimonbanda, interrupted the orator by turning off the ring.

The Emir had vanish'd at the first words of his wife's Toy.

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Alcina, without being disconcerted, pretended to take a nap: Ch——y calls them hysterics, as much as to say, things which come from the lower region. For this case he has a divine elixir; it is a principle, principiating, principiated, which revives——which——I will propose it to the lady. I, who speak, have used it for a deperdition of substance. By this time the pretended drowziness went off.

Alcina sat down to play with as much intrepidity as if her Toy either had not spoken a word, or had made the finest speech in the world. Nay, she was the only lady that play'd without distraction.

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This sitting was worth a considerable sum to her. The rest did not know what they were about, could not count the dots on the cards, forgot their reckonings, neglected their good luck, dealt wrong, and committed a hundred other mistakes, of which Alcina took the advantage. In fine, they broke up play, and every one withdrew.

This adventure made great noise not only at court and in town, but all over Congo. Epigrams were handed about on it. The discourse of Alcina's Toy was published, revised, corrected, enlarged and commented by the Agreeables of the court. The Emir was lampoon'd, and his wife immortalized. She was pointed at in the play-house, and followed in the public walks.

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People flock'd about her, and she heard them buzzing: She listened to these expressions, and many more, with a serenity, which the rest of the women could not shew. They were every moment under apprehensions of some indiscretions being committed by their Toys: As soon as the company had broke up, Mangogul gave his hand to the favorite, and conduced her to her appartment.

She was far from having that lively chearful air, which seldom quitted her. She had lost considerably at play, and the effect of the dreadful ring had plunged her into a pensiveness, out of which she was not yet thoroughly recovered. She knew the Sultan's curiosity, and she had not sufficient confidence in the promises of a man less amorous than despotic, to be free from uneasiness. I had twelve tableaux, and I don't think I mark'd three times. Doubtless it will amuse you, but that amusement will be attended with dismal consequences.

You are going to spread discord in every family, undeceive husbands, throw lovers into despair, ruin wives, dishonour daughters, and raise a thousand other hurly-burlys. Prince, I conjure you.

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I would be glad to know why the concern for your neighbour touches you so to the quick. No, no, madam; I will keep my ring. And what do I matter those husbands undeceived, those lovers thrown into despair, those wives ruined, those daughters dishonoured, provided I amuse myself. Am I then a Sultan for nothing? Good night, madam, we must hope that future scenes will be more comic than the first, and that you will take more pleasure in them by degrees. And what would you do, if I sent them to you in quality of ambassadors?

I will if you desire it, spare you the trouble of their harangues; but as to the recital of their adventures, you shall hear it either from their own mouths or mine. Resolve to familiarize yourself with these new speech-makers. The next evening there was to be a private supper in Mirzoza's appartment. The persons invited came early. Before the prodigy of the preceding day, people came by inclination; this night they came purely out of politeness.

All the ladies had an air of constraint, and spoke in monosyllables. They were upon the watch, and expected every moment, that some Toy would join in conversation. Notwithstanding their itch of bringing Alcina's odd adventure on the carpet, none of them dared to undertake opening the topic. Not that they were restrained by her presence: However, whether it was that they became less apprehensive of danger, as the whole day long they had heard no body speak but from the mouth; or whether they affected to appear courageous, the conversation revived, the women most suspected composed their countenances, put on an air of assurance, and Mirzoza ask'd the courtier Zegris, if he knew any entertaining news.

I assure you it is broke off. Since yesterday, the Sultan's court is full of people, who go with their ears cock'd, in hopes of catching, I can't say how, such declarations, as most certainly the persons concerned have no inclination to make them. We have not got to the bottom——". She spoke without opening her mouth. The facts were well articulated, and it was not very difficult to guess whence this extraordinary sound issued.

I assure you, that I should have died, were I in her place. Well, there is no medium left. One must either renounce gallantry, or resolve to pass for a woman of pleasure. They will allow Toys to prate as much as they please; and will go their own way, without troubling themselves with what the world shall say. And after all, what does it signify, whether it be a woman's Toy or her lover that proves indiscreet? Are things less exposed? In this case it is not so much the importance of the depositions, as the strength of the evidence, that ruins the criminal.

A lover, who by his discourse dishonours the Altar, on which he has sacrificed, is a kind of impious person, who deserves no credit: Monima, hitherto mute, broke silence, in order to say in a dragging, lazy tone: Mangogul enter'd that very instant, and Monima's last words did not escape him. He levell'd his Ring at her, and her Toy was heard to cry out: Every one, and the favorite among the rest, persisted in the negative. The Sultan, taking the advantage of this incertainty, and addressing the ladies, said: Pray, how are they feasted?


Their jargon, sometimes rumbling, sometimes yelping, accompanied with loud laughs of Mangogul and his courtiers, made a noise of a new kind. The ladies agreed with a very grave air, that it was very diverting. Society must be a considerable gainer by this duplication of organs. Possibly we men shall speak also in our turn, by something else besides our mouths. What agrees so perfectly well with Toys, may happen to be destin'd to make questions and responses to them: Supper was served up, the company sate down at table, and at first they diverted themselves at Monima's charge: Besides, when the mouth and Toy of a woman contradict each other, which to believe?

As long as they shall have the prudence to speak of nothing but what they understand, I shall believe them as so many oracles. That is not the place of prejudices. This conversation ushered in the champagne: Then it was that Mangogul had intended to resume his frolicks. He turn'd his ring on a very gay sprightly young lady, who sate pretty near him, and directly opposite to her husband: I can bear it no longer, I am at death's door. Sit down, then, and endeavour to divert yourself. Husseim sat down, and his wife's Toy began to prate like a magpye.

I have seen some who have made an end; but this man"——At these words Husseim arose in a fury, snatch'd up a knife, sprang to the other side of the table; and would have pierced his wife's breast, if his neighbours had not prevented him. Boards have wear present to the extremities of the boards. No ownership marks present. One of a copies. The most beautiful edition of the erotology manual of the German philosopher Friedrich-Karl Forberg , in the translation of Alcide Bonneau and not of Isidore Liseux as indicated on the title.

Comte Honore Gabriel Riquetti de Mirabeau. Previous Price PHP 9, Contes et nouvelles en vers French: Tales and Novellae in Verse is an anthology of various ribald short stories and novellae collected and versified from prose by Jean de La Fontaine. Claude Barbin of Paris published the collection in The book is in very good condition considering its age. The cover has normal wear on corners and edges, spine is intact but shows wear especially on the top and bottom edges, cover shows minor staining and there is residue from a piece of tape that was removed.

In this novel, he tries to bring the decadence of the turn of the 20th century nightlife of Paris to New York. Beautifully bound, this is number of There is a small scuff at the front top corner where the fabric is lighter and evidence of handling. Story text is a warning against the temptation of drinking. He made witty but by no means edifying contributions to the trennes de Saint-Jean , the Bals de Bois , etc. He was a close friend of Charles Simon Favart and his wife.

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  4. His pen was always at the service of any of his friends, and it was generally supposed that he had a considerable share in Favart's most successful operas. Voisenon had scruples all his life about the incongruity between his way of living and his profession, but he continued to write indecent stories for private circulation, and wrote verses in honor of Madame du Barry , as he had done for Madame de Pompadour.