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English Channel formed Ubaid period begins in Mesopotamia Chalcolithic copper age and invention of the wheel occur during this time Paleolithic period ends and Neolithic period begins in China, continues to BC. Climatic or Thermal Maximum , the warmest period in the past , years, with minimal glaciation and highest sea levels. Increasing desiccation of the Sahara. End of the Saharan Pluvial period.

Modern wild fauna plus, increasingly, human introductions, associated with the spread of the Neolithic farming technologies. Rising sea levels from glacial retreat flood what will become the Irish Sea , separating the island of Ireland from the British Isles and Continental Europe. The Older Peron transgression , a global warm period, begins. Use of a sail begins. The first known picture is on an Egyptian urn found in Luxor.

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Transition from Atlantic period to Subboreal period Metallurgy appears. Intense aridification triggered worldwide migration to river valleys , which might have caused changes in human behaviour. Abrupt end of the Ubaid period. Climatic deterioration in Western Europe and the Sahara. Glacial advances of the Piora oscillation , with lower economic prosperity in areas not able to irrigate in the Middle East. Stonehenge begins to be built. In its first version, it consists of a circular ditch and bank, with 56 wooden posts.

National Geographic , June Sumerian Cuneiform script , considered among the oldest alphabets, is created. Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh describes vast tracts of cedar forests in what is now southern Iraq. Gilgamesh defies the gods and cuts down the forest, and in return the gods say they will curse Sumer with fire or possibly drought. By BC, soil erosion and salt buildup have devastated agriculture.

One Sumerian wrote that the "earth turned white. Again, deforestation becomes a factor in the rise and subsequent fall of these civilizations. Some of the first laws protecting the remaining forests decreed in Ur. Sub-Atlantic period in Western Europe. End of last Sea Level rise. Increased prosperity in Europe and the Middle East. Hurricanes Katrina , Rita , and Wilma cause widespread destruction and environmental harm to coastal communities in the US Gulf Coast region, especially the New Orleans area. Cyclone Nargis makes landfall over Myanmar , causing widespread destruction and killing over , people.

Earthquake in Haiti destroyed vital infrastructure and kills over , people. Earthquake in Chile of a magnitude of 8. Deepwater Horizon oil spill in Gulf of Mexico causes millions of barrels of oil to pollute the gulf. Tsunami in Japan An earthquake and later a tsunami hit the continent on March 11, After this disaster, nuclear power plants in Japan have been releasing radiation due to damage from the earthquake.

World human population reached the 7 billion mark.

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Tornadoes of , a series of destructive and record - breaking tornado outbreaks and tornado outbreak sequences strike the heartland of the United States , killing hundreds of people, injuring scores more, and causing billions of dollars in damages, particularly in St. Hurricane Sandy devastates the eastern third of North America, from Florida to Quebec , and from Michigan to Nova Scotia , as the largest Atlantic basin hurricane in history. A multivortex tornado touches down in El Reno, Oklahoma and grows to a record-setting width of 2.

A global climate change pact is agreed at the COP 21 summit , committing all countries to reduce carbon emissions for the first time. Environment portal Ecology portal. Behavioral modernity Chronology of the universe Civilization Cradle of civilization Culture Evolutionary history of life Formation and evolution of the Solar System Geologic time scale Graphical timeline from Big Bang to Heat Death Graphical timeline of the universe History of the Earth History of the world Human evolution Human evolutionary genetics Kardashev scale Paleoclimatology Paleotempestology Recorded history Snowball Earth Technological singularity Temperature record Timeline of human evolution Timeline of the evolutionary history of life World History.

Archived from the original PDF on May 4, Vasek, American Journal of Botany, Vol. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. The New York Times. N; Bradley, J; Walker, G. Retrieved 15 October New dates proposed for the 'Age of Man ' ". Retrieved 12 March American Institute of Physics. Odell and Marc D. Weidenmier, Real Shock, Monetary Aftershock: Archived from the original on Retrieved 12 December Retrieved from " https: History of environmentalism Environmental timelines.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 9 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Recent evidence indicates that humans processed gathered and consumed wild cereal grains as far back as 23, years ago. Beginning of the Holocene extinction. Earliest evidence of warfare. Natufian culture begins minor agriculture. Mesolithic 2 Natufian culture , some sources have Mesolithic 2 ending at BC.

Lake Agassiz forms from glacial meltwater. Younger Dryas impact event suspected at either of these dates. Younger Dryas cold period ends. Pleistocene ends and Holocene begins. Large amounts of previously glaciated land become habitable again. Jericho is established as one of the oldest cities in the world sometime between BC and BC. Lake Agassiz refills from glacial melt-water around BC as Glaciers retreat north.

Date theorized for impact of Tollmann's hypothetical bolide with Earth and associated global cataclysm. Neolithic Subpluvial begins in northern Africa, Mesolithic period ends.

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Until about BC, the Sahara desert is substantially wetter than today, comparable to a savannah. Jiahu symbols , carved on tortoise shells in Jiahu , Northern China. It is one of the largest of the Holocene epoch.

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Lake Agassiz drains into oceans for the final time, leaving Lakes Manitoba , Winnipeg , Winnipegosis , and Lake of the Woods , among others in the region, as its remnants. The draining may have caused the 8. The Storegga Slide , causing a megatsunami in the Norwegian Sea. According to the Black Sea deluge theory , the Black Sea floods with salt water. Beginning of the desertification of north Africa, which ultimately leads to the formation of the Sahara desert from land that was previously savannah , though it remains wetter than today.

It's possible this process pushed people in the area into migrating to the region of the Nile in the east, thereby laying the groundwork for the rise of Egyptian civilization. Megalithic Temples of Malta were created. Merimde culture on the Nile River. Uruk period begins in Mesopotamia. The end of the Neolithic Subpluvial era and return of extremely hot and dry conditions in the Sahara Desert , hastened by the 5.

Early Dynastic Period of Egypt. The hallmarks of Ancient Egypt art , architecture , religion all formed during this period. This is widely assumed to be the time and place of the first writing system, the Egyptian hieroglyphs date is disputed, some claim they were used as far back as BC, while others believe they weren't invented until the 28th century BC. Floods at Shuruppak from horizon to horizon, with sediments in Southern Iraq, stretching as far north as Kish , and as far south as Uruk , associated with the return of heavy rains in Nineveh and a potential damming of the Karun River to run into the Tigris River.

Possible association of this event with the Biblical deluge. Germination of Prometheus a bristlecone pine of the species Pinus longaeva , formerly the world's oldest known non-clonal organism. Germination of Methuselah a bristlecone pine of the species Pinus longaeva , currently the world's oldest known non-clonal organism. Suggested date for an asteroid or comet impact occurring between Africa and Antarctica, around the time of a solar eclipse on May 10, based on an analysis of flood stories.

Possibly causing the Burckle crater and Fenambosy Chevron. Construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

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Sahara becomes fully desiccated, and conditions become largely identical to those of today. Desiccation had been proceeding from — BC, as a result of the shift in the West African tropical monsoon belt southwards from the Sahel , and intensified by the 5. Subsequent rates of evaporation in the region led to a drying of the Sahara, as shown by the drop in water levels in Lake Chad. Tehenu of the Sahara attempt to enter into Egypt, and there is evidence of a Nile drought in the pyramid of Unas. Beginning of a severe centennial-scale drought in northern Africa, southwestern Asia and midcontinental North America, which very likely caused the collapse of the Old Kingdom in Egypt as well as the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia.

This coincides with the transition from the Subboreal period to the subatlantic period. Continued mountain formation in the Himalayas contributes to the drying up of the Sarasvati River and the desertification of the Thar Region. This contributes to the decline of the Harappan civilization. The Atra-Hasis Epic describes Babylonian flood, with warnings of the consequences of human overpopulation. Minoan eruption destroys much of Santorini island, and destroys the Minoan civilization on Crete. This may have inspired the legend of Atlantis. Minoan civilization in the Mediterranean declines, but scholars are divided on the cause.

Possibly a volcanic eruption was the source of the catastrophe see Minoan eruption. On the other hand, gradual deforestation may have led to materials shortages in manufacturing and shipping. Loss of timber and subsequent deterioration of its land was probably a factor in the decline of Minoan power in the late Bronze Age , according to John Perlin in A Forest Journey. If you split up:.

You owned the home when you and your spouse moved in together. The house is in your name alone. You've lived together for more than two years. The house increased in value by 20 percent in the time you lived together. You're now each entitled to half of the value of that increase. The increased value is divided equally for all sorts of family property , including:.

See section 84 of the Family Law Act for more about what counts as family property. Certain types of property and assets aren't divided equally.

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  4. This is called excluded property and includes gifts and inheritances received by one spouse. See section 85 of the Family Law Act for a full list of what's considered excluded property. Note that even if you own something that's considered excluded property, you must each get an equal share of any increase in its value that happened while you were together. In BC, the same law about debts after separation applies to married couples and to couples who've become spouses by living together in a marriage-like relationship for at least two years.

    You and your partner can write an agreement at any time during your relationship or after you separate that sets out how you want to divide your property and debts if you separate. Courts don't like to overturn agreements about dividing property and debt. However, a judge might cancel or change this type of agreement in one of these situations:. You're always responsible for contributing to the support of your own children, whether you live with them or not.

    For more information, see our fact sheet on Child support. Once you move in with someone who has children, you may be legally required to pay child support when you separate if:. Even if both of those are true, your responsibility to pay child support is not as great as the child's parents' or guardians' responsibility.

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    A court would also consider the child's standard of living when they lived with you, and how long you lived with the parent. You can't make an agreement while you're living together about what you'll do about child support if you separate. The BC Family Law Act says that agreements about child support are only legal if they're made after you separate or when you're about to separate. Even if you make the agreement after you separate, the court can order you to pay child support according to the Child Support Guidelines instead.

    You can't make an agreement that gets you out of your legal duty to support children or stepchildren. Once you qualify as a spouse or common-law partner under provincial or federal laws, you may be able to get some benefits, but you also might be at risk of losing some benefits. The spouse's Allowance is for couples with low incomes. It's paid to spouses who are 60 to 64 years old if their spouse is 65 and receiving an OAS pension.