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With a little adjustment to the action and intonation, I was able to get all of the sounds I wanted out of this bass. Though it is not as good as a true Fender Jazz bass, this one is pretty darn close to it. This was the very first bass I bought and it is working out great. The tone is nice and it plays great with all sorts of music.

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Plus, the price is great. Due to financial problems I had to part with my Fender Standard J but I still wanted to have that wonderful J sound, look and feel. Having had some experience with Squier I did not hesitate to buy one to fill the gap and overall I am happy.

These do need good strings and a setup to be at there best. After that you may still experience a little buzz but nothing that is audible through an amp. Other than that it is fantastic. There are so many different tones available. Also in all honesty the pots are better on this than on my Fender! I gigged with the Fender, I plan to gig with this and that is coming from a tone junkie!

If you desire it get it! This is one of the best basses out there!!! It's very reasonably priced for a bass like this. I just got the bass yesterday and have already learned two songs on it. It is very compfortable to use and easy to use also. There are people saying this bass is horrible, here's a bit of advice. Don't listen to them!!!! They must have been drunk when they wrote their reveiw. The bass is excellent along with the service that the guitar center has to offer.

The people were as nice as can be, couldn't ask for a better service!!! Awsome bass and an Awsome buy!!! Very nice finish and detail work for a bass in this price range-smooth frets, straight neck, excellent playability, inspirational tone. The only drawbacks I've seen are some fret buzz which could be reduced by adjusting the action , and finish durability-it nicks very easily. For what you are paying, you'd be hard pressed to find a better bass. I went to my local Guitar Center with the intent of buying a short-scale bass because I normally play guitar. They had just sold out of the bass I was looking for, so I decided to try what they had in stock.

He handed me the Squier Affinity J-Bass, and I had to keep checking to make sure that the price tag was not a mistake. It played better than, and sounded as good as, any of the higher priced basses I had tried. The truss rod adjustment worked just as expected, and once straightened very easy , plays as well as any bass neck I have ever held. The volume and tone controls did not feel or sound cheap in any way. Weak points 1 The bridge, although it works fine and adjusted easily enough, the bridge saddle adjustment screws for the E and G strings were tilted at an angle when the saddles were set to proper height.

I will replace the bridge saddles. There are many companies that offer after-market parts for the J and P basses, so no problem, not a huge expense. He was impressed by the sustain and range of tones, and wanted to know if all Squier Affinity J-Basses sounded this good, or if this was a one-in-a-thousand lucky accident. I do not know the answer to that, but if you are in the market for a good low-priced bass and you know how to do a basic set-up , be sure to test drive this model.

Maybe they are all this nice. Four stars only because of the bridge saddle screws, otherwise it would have been a five star review!

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This was the first bass that i bought. This is perfect for a beginners bass. I wouldnt even call it a beginners bass it sounds just fine. Everyone in my band is tellin me to not even bother getting a new one! The neck is really easy to slide your hand. I would recommend this bass in a heartbeat.

I just started playing bass and i thought this would be a good bass to start with. This is a great bass for a beginner. Not to mention the price! This is a must buy. I've been playing my Squier Jazz Bass for four years now and we're still on the honeymoon. I've played a lot of basses in my time, but none has played or sounded any better than my trusty Squier. I did have to recently replace the output jack, but I use this bass a lot, so I chock it up to normal maintenance. If you're looking for that famed "Fender bass sound" and you're on a budget, you can't go wrong with this bass Well, this bass comes set up nice.

It suits funk and jazz just fine, but it doesn't have the growl needed for the metal or grunge i like to play. Overall very limited in the tone. Other than that, if your a beginner, or want a back up bass, you cant go wrong with this one.

William's lucky day.

So I bought this bass about 2 years ago because of its low price, and since then I've learned many many songs on it. I have to say that this bass has a pretty nice tone to it, especially the lows because it gives you a nice rumble. The neck is great, too. It's very thin, and it's action is good too. It has served me well over the past years, but it's really just a beginner bass.

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I'm very pleased to have started off with it though. I have been playing for a little over 6 months now and this is by far the best bass I have played for the money. Its got great action on the neck and the tones is awesome. I have small hands and this bass allows me to move from fret to fret quickly and without any problems.

Good tone, fast action, virtually no fret buzz. I bought this bass about 8 months ago, and I still love it! The only modification I have made is changing the strings to Swing 66's. The tone is amazing on my B Amp, and the strings made it even better. I'm looking at buying the Fender Jazz Bass next so I can keep getting better tone. Definitely recommend as a start to a music mans career!

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Quickly he put 30 dollars into his pocket, took shoos on and grabbed his jacket on the way out. It took a long time for William to find the perfect outfit: It was already 3. When he had finished the muffin and the cup of coffee, he went to his room and change to his new outfit. Outside there was a rush. It was really hard to get a taxi, but at last he got one. It took fifteen minutes to drive to the place where his audition was.

The audition for Matt was about to begin, when he entered the room. He waited and he was the last one who got to go to the audition.

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In the auditioning room there were tree judges. One of them gave William a manuscript and he began to read and act. He could see that the tree judges were really imprested and he felt very happy. He started to texting all his friends and family.

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