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Falan — Ishtar's cousin. Falan is a sweet girl and is one of the only relatives who Ishtar is fond of. Illsaide — Nicknamed "The Holy Warrior". He is a taciturn and powerful fighter who is adept in all types of magic. He is the illegitimate child of Jened and half brother of Falan, whom he loved. Sonia — Ishtar's favorite aunt and queen of Zi Alda. A nice woman who succeeded in marrying outside of the family and has one son, Yuujel.

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Yuujel — The prince of Zi Alda, also known as Yujinn. He left Zi Alda to become Ishtar's tutor one year ago. His best friend is Ashley, and Leene is in love with him although he does not return her feelings. Ashley and Leene are married also. Lassen — The illegitimate Duke of Mil Seii. He wants to rule Pheliosta, and killing Ishtar is part of his plan.

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His holy magic abilities and his years of studying poisons have made him one of the most powerful members of Phelios' bloodline. It's rumored that he poisoned his own parents. He despises Duzell and is in love with a sorcerer known as Lailis, because Lailis was the only one who showed him kindness in his youth. Lailis - Queen of the doomed land Lodoc. She is held captive by Lassen and is not introduced until book From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the card game, see Vampire: List of Vampire Game characters. Retrieved October 1, Retrieved from " https: CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Use mdy dates from September Articles containing Japanese-language text Wikipedia requested photographs of anime and manga.

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Anime and Manga portal. The "Vampiric Invisibility" spell allows vampires to become invisible for 20 seconds. Although they rely primarily on magic in battle, all vampires carry one of the following one-handed weapons as backup:. Vampires wear a pair of boots and one of the following outfits, depending on the vampire's level:. If Dawnguard is installed, vampires wear either vampire armor or vampire robes along with a pair of vampire boots.

The male vampire that appears during the "Vampire Trick" world interaction carries a leveled dagger steel , orcish , dwarven. Vampires are sometimes accompanied by a few monsters , which will vary depending upon your level. The monsters will be the same level as the minimum PC level listed in the table below so at levels , the Frostbite Spider companion will be level 6, and so on. Vampire's Thralls are often encountered along with vampires, though they are not actually vampires themselves. All of the thralls are based off the data used for bandits one-handed melee fighters , two-handed melee fighters , archers , and mages , so they use many different combat styles and can vary greatly in terms of strength, level, equipment, and known spells.

They have their own faction and are considered friends to vampires.

Note that with one exception , thralls can never be "freed". Killing all of the vampires in the area will not make their thralls become non-hostile. However, if you are a werewolf and you encounter a vampire and its thrall while you are in beast form, you can kill the vampire, change back to human form, then draw and sheathe your weapon as if you were surrendering. This will cause the surviving thrall to cease hostility. Dawnguard's entire main quest is focused on vampires. In addition, vampires are involved in the following Dawnguard side quests:. The non-hostile captive vampires encountered in Fellglow Keep have a unique greeting:.

For historical information about vampires, see the lore article.

Vampires [ edit ] Although they rely primarily on magic in battle, all vampires carry one of the following one-handed weapons as backup: She found him at the Hunter's Moon and saw Isabelle Lightwood giving him a kiss and mistook her for his girlfriend. She confronted Isabelle outside the bathroom but stood no match against the Shadowhunter , though Simon came in time to stop Isabelle from killing her or taking her in for attacking her.

Simon accompanied her back to her hiding place, and she was under the impression that he was on her side, only to be ambushed by members of the Praetor Lupus who sedated and cuffed her to keep her under control.

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The Praetor was meant to help her, [4] but her Praetors were killed by Jace a couple of days after. Jace stuffed her into a duffel bag and took her to Lilith. Lilith manipulated Heidi into going after Simon's family, convincing her that letting his family know that he was a vampire, and them rejecting him, would force them together. Lilith also warned Heidi not to attack Simon as it would trigger his Mark.

Heidi tied up his family and cut into Rebecca's skin to make her bleed. Simon provoked her by bringing up her past, but Heidi remembered Lilith's warning and laughed it off. To finally get what she hoped to accomplish, she released Rebecca and let her go to Simon, and when the hungry Simon finally fed on his sister, Heidi left. Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. You're gonna make me feed on my family, and then what? Absent Those of Demon Blood: Absent The Fair Folk: Absent A Problem of Memory: Appears Day of Atonement: Absent A Dark Reflection: Absent Awake, Arise, or Absent Hail and Farewell: Absent Beside Still Water: Absent Season Three 3A appearances: Appears; eclipsed The Powers That Be: Absent What Lies Beneath: