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The bad news is that it should actually be a lot higher — nearer ten-a-day, in fact. This one truly pains us. In fact, a year study showed that diet drinks raise the risk of diabetes more than their sugar-sweetened counterparts.

17 Common Food Lies We All Fell For & The Truth Behind Them

On top of that, diet drinks slow down your metabolism and make you crave sugar and carbs, so we might as well basically just all eat chocolate and Coke and be done with it. It is, in fact, only 1. Not always the case. You have to read the label as some that are sold as baby carrots are actually fully grown carrots which have been chopped in half and molded into finger-sized snacks.

The problem is that most of these products are not healthy at all. Foods that have had the fat removed from them typically do not taste as good as the full-fat versions. Few people want to eat them. For this reason, food producers load these products with added sugar and other additives 1.

10 Food Lies You Shouldn't Believe

It is now known that fat has been unfairly demonized while growing evidence has been revealing the dangers of added sugar. What this means is that "low-fat" foods are usually much worse than their "regular" counterparts. Processed foods often have "trans fat-free" on the label.

This doesn't necessarily have to be true. As long as a product contains fewer than 0.

1. You’re Being Served Vinegar at Fish and Chip Shops

Make sure to check the ingredients list. If the word "hydrogenated" appears anywhere on the label, then it contains trans fats.

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It's actually not uncommon to find hydrogenated fats in products that are labeled trans fat-free. Over the past few decades, consumers have been led to believe that whole grains are among the healthiest foods they can eat.

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That said, processed foods like cereals often claim to include whole grains. The problem is that whole grains aren't always "whole. They may contain all the ingredients from the grain, but the resistance to quick digestion is lost and these grains might spike your blood sugar just as fast as their refined counterparts 5.

Plus, even if a product has small amounts of whole grains in it, chances are that it contains a ton of other very harmful ingredients like sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Eating a gluten-free diet is very trendy these days. Just so we're clear, I fully support a gluten-free diet.

There is evidence that in addition to full-blown celiac disease, a proportion of people may be sensitive to gluten or wheat. However, processed products labeled as "gluten-free" and made to replace gluten-containing foods are generally not healthy.

Food Lies, How to Discover Truth

They are also much more expensive 7. These foods are usually made from highly refined, high-glycemic starches, like corn starch, potato starch and tapioca starch, and may also be loaded with sugar. Eating gluten-free should be about ditching the refined cereals and replacing them with real, whole foods.

But even for those who do, food manufacturers still have ways of disguising the true contents of their products 8. On ingredient lists, the components are listed in descending order by amount. If you see sugar in the first few spots, then you know that the product is loaded with sugar.

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